About us

We have assembled the finest team members, with extensive military and civilian experience, to guide, supervise and manage projects to release ERW contaminated areas, and minefields land for civilian use.

We cooperate with local and international private companies, humanitarian organizations, and government offices. 

In March 2021, Royi Nahari, the CEO of the Company, decided to establish OpMS and within a short period of time, we were able to provide precise tailored solutions which make the entire process safer and of a higher quality. Our practical experience gives us high capabilities, thoroughness, and independent out-of-the-box thinking. These capabilities have resulted in a supervised quality control and quality assurance process with a more precise clearance system. 

Royi Nahari


Royi Nahari served for many years in the Israel Defense Forces and fulfilled a number of prominent positions in the Combat Engineering Corps, including, Commander of the Operations Division, Battalion Commander, Deputy Commander of Special Engineering Forces, and Commander of an engineering reconnaissance unit. As a result of his extensive work in the field, Royi has a comprehensive operational and management background in minefields, UXO’s, demolition, and explosives. In addition, Royi holds two MBA’s and is a graduate of EOD 3 IMAS international training.

Our Team

Our OpMS team is comprised of ex-military with officer and combat experience. They are experts in dealing with demolition and disposal, abandoned explosive ordnance (AXO), war debris, faulty ammunition, suspected hazardous areas (SHA), and minefields. Above all, they have operational experience in the field and are experts in QC & QA and risk management. Our team can find a comprehensive solution for any task at hand.

photo of OpMSs's team

The role of our team in the field

Responsible for the teams of the clearance company – in fact, they are our eyes on the ground. We are there to overcome safety vulnerabilities, verify every small detail and supervise professional work.

Senior Officer

There is a senior supervisor at each inspection site who is responsible for the project. Naturally, our senior supervisors have a senior management background with significant operational experience.

junior Officer

There are also QA officers at each inspection site. They have a junior management background and engage in more performative work in the field. Namely, working closely with the teams of the clearance company.

Mapping coordinator

Each site has coordinators who are responsible for mapping and documentation in the field. They measure, pierce the correct points looking for landmines and UXO’s, provide measurements for the land etc.

The role of our team in the office

Responsible for the teams in the field. We provide a quick and efficient response to all the requirements of the teams. In addition, we work directly with private companies, government ministries, and organizations as well as provide detailed reports and summaries.


Manages the infrastructure of the projects and ensures a smooth operation in an optimal manner. Working directly with the stakeholders, government ministries, and organizations in Israel and around the world.


Provides quick, agile, and dynamic solutions for every occurrence in the field. Provides the teams in the field with backing and logistical support.


We have a GIS expert with more than 10 years of experience, who holds a master’s degree in GIS mapping. This is the person responsible for all our data surveys who notices every small detail even in the early stages of the project.

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We are available for any questions, advice or indecisions regarding the clearing of ERW (Explosive Remants of War) contaminated areas.

All you need to do is provide us with a few details here and we will contact you within 48 hours.