Project Management

We provide a comprehensive project management service. In other words, we take full responsibility throughout the process. From the moment we receive a document describing and demarcating the land, including its legal status – up to the stage of releasing the cleared land. Our team manages the project with the use of a non – technical & technical surveys, control processes and ensuring the quality of the clearance until the conclusion of the project.

How do we work?

The first step –

conduct an in - depth non - technical survey as well as the analysis of documents, maps and information of the land designated for clearance.

The second step -

quality control and quality assurance of the clearance operations, performed by a skilled and experienced team on each plot and square kilometere of land.

The third step-

summarizing and coordinating the findings and conclusions of the land clearance process and the preparation of a summary project report.

Our work process includes:

Data analysis and project planning

In – depth research and data analysis is the significant first step which provides a complete picture of the land with the use of analysis tools such as documents, drawings, maps, interviews, GIS data and information from the authorities etc. The result: quality current information and optimal planning of the project. 

If required, we carry out a technical field survey to locate landmines or UXO’s which are not specified in the various means of information.

Implementation control and quality assurance

During the land clearing process, we are responsible for the quality of the implementation. Our team supervises the clearance process and ensures that the conduct and operations in the field are safe and of a high quality. 

We are there to take note of any changes and perform adjustments in the field, in order to both maintain a high level of safety and provide clear and unequivocal results at the end of the project.

Summary of the project

The summary of the conclusions and findings we collected during the supervision and quality assurance of the clearance operations are summarized in a detailed report while paying very close attention to the small details and the accuracy of the data. 

This report is a reliable and qualified source of all the operations and tests carried out in the cleared land.

Our Technological Tools

GIS global mapping software

A geographical database field marking device

Smart data collection

Our Human Resources

Extensive sophisticated military experience

Multi - talented skilled expert

Quickly responds to changes in the field

photo of OpMSs's team

We work in cooperation with:

פרויקט בו ערכנו סקר נתונים

סוג הפרויקט: אזרחי פרטי
המטרה: מיזם פרטי להקמת שדה טורבינות רוח. 

החלק שלנו: סקר נתונים ומחקר מעמיק שבו מיפינו את האזור בצורה המדויקת ביותר עם האמצעים הטכנולוגיים המתקדמים ביותר. בנוסף, ניהלנו את הפיקוח ובקרת האיכות על פינוי השטח.

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