Quality control and quality assurance

Every land clearance project is required to undergo quality control during the clearing process. The two main reasons for this are the safety of the team and the quality clearance of the land. The quality control and quality assurance operations during the work provide results at the highest available level. Namely, when we supervise and control the clearance operations, we take responsibility and provide cleared and safe land for civilian and public use. 

High-level quality control and quality assurance result in the desired outcome - A cleared land. With us, there is no room for compromise.

How does it work in practice?

When we are contacted by stakeholders, government officials, and authorities in Israel or from abroad to supervise a land clearance project – we provide a response tailored to the demands and requirements of the customer with our high-quality and professional team that will provide a response to all the professional requirements and guarantee the quality of the operations.

The supervision process is performed in four stages:

The first stage
– we start with the preparatory and preliminary activities required to create a joint work plan.

The second stage – supervision of the implementation preparations and plans prior to the start of the actual work, preparation, and training of the teams, and testing of the instruments and the operators of the instruments prior to the start of the project

The third stage – performing quality control and quality assurance of the clearance operations of the restricted land. We survey and sample the land to ensure the accuracy of the data in order to obtain uncompromising results.

The fourth stage – summarizing the performed activities, analyzing and processing the field data in order to determine the conclusions and recommendations, while still working in the field, at the conclusion of the project, and up to the stage of returning the land to the customer.

Our work process includes:

Quality control

This operation checks the quality of the product (land free of landmines or UXO). By using this method, the product is tested at various points during the clearance and supervision process in order to detect defects or faults. The final goal of the process is to produce a finished product, without faults, that complies with all of the required quality standards.  

Quality assurance

The quality assurance process includes unique methods, tools, and measures which are used in the process of clearing restricted land throughout all the stages, each stage of which has quality assurance tools and methods, prior to the release of the land for civilian and public use.

Document tracking and registration

The operations are carried out in an extensive, continuous, and updated manner during the project with photographic, observation, and investigation tracking, mapping software and aerial photography documentation, data recording, and processing – to ensure significant conclusions and recommendations as well as the release of the land.

Our Technological Tools

GIS global mapping software

A geographic databsase field marking device

Smart data collection

Our Human Resources

Extensive sophisticated military experience

Multi - talented skilled expert

Quickly responds to changes in the field

photo of OpMSs's team

We work in cooperation with:

פרויקט בו היינו אחראים לפיקוח ובקרה

סוג הפרויקט: פרויקט מדיני ציבורי
המטרה: פינוי שטח לטובת הנחת תשתיות אנרגיה. 

החלק שלנו: פיקוח על המיזם, הבטחת ובקרת איכות במהלך התהליך וסיכום הפעולות בדו”ח מסודר. נכנסנו לפרויקט מהיום הראשון עם הצוות המקצועי שלנו כדי לדאוג שפעולות הפינוי יעברו בצורה בטוחה ואיכותית.

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